You know you go to Metea Valley when

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You know you go to Metea Valley whencollege
a school where there are too many rules and just suck period!! mostly everyone that goes to this school hates it! the teachers, hall monitors and even librarians take their jobs waaay to seriously! this school sucks…
You know you go to Metea Valley when

1. you have gotten PDAed at least 3 times for the dumbest shit

2. you are taller than the lockers

3. your siblings are older than the teachers at the school

4. you’ve spent a class period sitting in smiths class when you’ve never had him as a teacher

5. you’ve gotten sent back to class for not having a pass multiple times in one day

6. you have tried to sneak around Mr. Gordan to get to the vending machines

7. you know more than 3 pot dealers

8. you have come to school high or drunk

9. you laughed when sydney degan fell in a cheer routine

10. you got dress coded for a completely appropriate outfit

11. you sat in the office for over 2 class periods because you were dress coded

12. you freeked out when mushu the snake was stolen/escaped from smiths first semester

13. you’ve gave/got head more than 3 times in a week

14. you went to at least one epic drinking party during the year

15. you’ve stolen food and gotten away with it

16. you live 45 min away from the school

17. your middle school split to go to metea

18. you are a sophomore or freshmen

19. you hate your school

20. you have never gone to a football game or sporting event