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You do You
1. the act of doing what one believes is the right decision, being oneself2. a response when somebody constantly asks

for suggestions, but doesn’t actually need or listen to them

1. Person: “Dude, I just dropped, like, 20 bucks on a scooter.

Person: “Cool, you do you.”

2. Person: “But I really think I should get Subway.”

Person: “You do You, man.”

You do You: define #2
You Do You
the act of doing the things that you normally do. Nothing more, nothing less. Just being yourself and showing everyone who’s boss around here.
Person 1: Hey, I went to the mall and bought a YOU GO BAK today.

Person 2: You Do You, Pal!

You do You: define #3
You Do You
A phrase that uses reverse psychology and passive aggressiveness to get someone to do exactly what you want them to.
Girl: I’m thinking of getting back together with my ex

Friend: Girl, you do you

(Her ex is a lying, cheating snake. No one wants them to get together)

You do You: define #4
You Do You
A popular buzzfeed catchphrase created most likely by a staff member or producer who works there. Most commonly used to say that a person should do what they want even if the person saying the phrase thinks it (the thing the person was doing) was odd or strange.
Person: So today I only wear one earring because it’s a tradition of mine.

Person 2: Yeah well, you do you.
You do You: define #5
You Do You
When someone wants to do oneself instead of hang out with you
Don: I think I’ll stay home today

Joli: Yeah, man, you do you, go fuck yourself