Best definition
To yeet in past tense

“Yesterday I yote my water bottle through the hallway”
Yote: define #2
The past-tense form of “yeet”.
Billy yote his water bottle into the crowd.

“This is serious shit man, you should’ve just yote it to me.”

Yote: define #3
A version of yeet, as to be used in past tense.
“Yeet we shall, Yote we have.”
Yote: define #4
Yeet in its past tense.
“Have you seen that vine where that girl yote the Dr. Pepper can?”
Yote: define #5
The past tense of yeet
Yesterday I yote my water bottle down the hallway
Yote: define #6
(Verb). To hit that yeet in the past tense.
-Last night I yote so hard I broke my elbow!

-Bitch was empty, so I yote it
Yote: define #7
Yote is the past tense of “yeet”.
Yesturday in the hallway, I yote very loudly.