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A National Park in California, also a popular place for camping and rock climbing on routes such as El Captain

and Half Dome.

We went camping in Yosemite
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Refering to Half Dome; an expression relating to unfinished acts of oral sex
Matt: Man, Kayley was only blowing me for 2 minutes, I didn’t even get to cum!

Jack: Sounds like she pulled a Yosemite on you dude.
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One of the most beautiful and surreal places on earth. Made up of different attractions such as the famous Half Dome, Yosemite will never fail to impress one.
You guys should check out Yosemite! Its one of the best places I’ve been to.

It’s been three years since I’ve been to Yosemite. Honestly, can you just bring me back there now?!

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A National Park in California. Has Half Dome and is filled with Granite formations. Native Americans used to live here too.
Yosemite has a lot of deer!

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A place that God* created as a back drop for people to model their “Urban Dictionary” t-shirts.
* – with apologies to the G-d of the Torah.