York Technical College

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York Technical Collegecollege
Also referred to as: York Tech, or simply ‘tech’
A college that is only…technically a college. Located in South Carolina, this is where you end up when you just can’t afford anything else. Known for its alleged multiple opportunities, it offers a multitude of classes in a variety of fields.This is not a college for the undecided. Because if you can’t decide, you will be promptly plopped into a plethora of classes that resemble high school…in…every…way. This includes but is not limited to, raising your hand to use the bathroom, not texting in class, the infamous assigned seating, and of course, two hours worth of required homework. Again, I say, only ‘technically’ a college.Also students from york tech tend to be regarded by other 4 year students as underachievers and are never assumed to just be anything except, ‘not good enough for real college.’
You: So what are you up to?

Old high school acquaintance: Oh I’m getting my bachelors/masters in (insert totally rockin major) at (insert 4 year college with attached grad school here) and what are you doing?

You: Oh, I’m uh…doing basic courses at umm…york technical college.

Old high school acquaintance: oh couldn’t get into anywhere else?

You: No, no, it’s just cheaper and you know, alot closer to home.

Old high school acquaintance: riiight…

You: Well I gotta go write a paper.

Old high school acquaintance:oh yeah, my first paper was like 38 pages. What’s the minimum?

You: <.< >.> … … three pages… V.V