Best definition
Cynical description for a style of marketing or programming created by establishment or corporate interests that seeks to identify with

the under-21’s and thereby sucker them into parting with their cash or individuality with its promise of street credibility or non-conformity. Media vehicles or brands that tell kids what to do by creating an ersatz peer group for them which they then feel they have to conform to.

‘Skins’ just looks like another half-arsed attempted at ‘edgy’ yoof-TV if you ask me.
yoof: define #2
the youth of today – such as all the co-authors of this website and their charming definitions of words I’d never heard of until now – I really am getting old!
Mark is a typical yoof who uses words like mack, nail, mint and pearl necklace…
yoof: define #3
A different way of saying youths. Young people under say 16.
Damn those yoofs of today
yoof: define #4
Yeet plus oof
Man I just of yoofed
yoof: define #5
a combination of the words “yikes” and “oof”

could either be used if too lazy to type or an exclamation of an emotion

“do you have any of it on video?”

“yeah, yoof, and do i regret it!”
yoof: define #6
Apparently, a newly created term ‘yoof’ coming from YOOFail has hit the internet. We’d like for everyone to help spread the word about yoof to t3h int3rweb! THANKS!!!!

“Wow, ur sooo bad at this game! YOOF!!!”

yoof: define #7
The combination of yeet and oof.
Yoof that’s sad!