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For Chinese, Yong is usually a boy name that signify longetivity, which is consistent with the culture that believes in

everything circular, forever.
For Korean, Yong is usually a boy name that means “a dragon”, which signify strength and royalty.

Yong Zhao is University Distinguished Professor at the College of Education, Michigan State University

Example of Korean name is Kim Yong
Yong: define #2
horny ass guy
“Yong jacks off a lot”
Yong: define #3
He is a cute guy, usually short, smart, dumb, sporty.

He’s a gentle person who is kind(most os the time)

Yong is symbolized as a snake 🐍.

Yong is Asian and is short.

One of the best friends you can have is Yong, he is trustable, resourceful, surprising, free loads but sometimes does work, team player, swift, informant and funny 😄

Yong is dumb, cute, sporty, funny.
Yong: define #4
The act of self masturbation in a random time.
Soldiers often pull yongs, and name them after places, like “C-5 Yong” or “Combat Yong” and even “Mission Briefing Yong”
Yong: define #5
sass: to know, be aware of, have sex with;

hoopy: really together guy;

frood: really amazing together guy;
Hey, you sass that hoopy frood Yong?!
Yong: define #6
1. a bong

2. a thong

3. a song

4. david wong

5. king kong

6. wrong

7. not wrong

8. ping pong

9. long

10. one who eats styrofoam cups

11. rebellious vagina

12. yoked penis

13. caring nylon fiber

14. plastic sperm
“yong is…unique”
Yong: define #7
1. A thong