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What Irish people call ecstasy pills.

Have you got any yokes Seamus? Sorry Padraig, I sold my last one to Fiachra.
yokes: define #2
Irish slang for ecstasy tablets.
I swapped a bag of yokes for a horse in 1992!
yokes: define #3
Irish street slang for the drug Ecstasy
Hey man have you got any yokes?
yokes: define #4
Dublin slang for an Ecstacy tablet.
How much for a yoke?
yokes: define #5
these days in Ireland, a Yoke refers to almost *anything*
“how do you get this feckin yoke to work?” – computer

“pass me that yoke” – pencil

“this yoke is feckin broken!” – DVD player

yokes: define #6
1. Thing, as in, the yoke over there.

2. Ecstasy tablets

“That fucking thing, the fucking whatchamacallit, the yoke!”

“I took a few yokes and was off me chops for the whole night”

See also off chops

yokes: define #7
A term commonly used by the inbred farming community in Mid Ulster especially around Magherafelt/Cookstown which refers to a car or basically anything that they cannot describe accurately.
Thon’s some yoke…. roughly translates as That is a very nice car you have.