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Yojana is a gorgeous and talented girl that everyone loves. she always brings a smile to your face and such

and amazing person to be around. short with beautiful brown curly hair with a bright warming smile. when you are around her you’re always down to have a blast and laugh your heart out. Yojana is such a nice caring friend a will be here for you when you need it. you can talk to Yojana about anything and she will come back with the best advice and keep it a secret if she has too. But if you get on her bad sad she will fight back with her amazing taekwondo skills but thats only if you harm her. Yojana will never let you down and thats why she is such a good friend, girlfriend and all around great person.

Person 1: Who is that? she seems nice. I kinda like her.

Person 2: That’s Yojana. I’ve known her since third grade and she’s never stopped being kind. Also, you wouldn’t be the first.