Best definition
Yogsking has multiple uses.
1) First, it is the replacement of everything and anything. When in a situation when one is not sure which word to use, simply replace it with “yogsking”.
2) When in a situation when the use of certain choice words may be inappropriate, replace the inappropriate word with yogsking.
3) In the event that one is bored, simply use yogsking in sentences to offend people that walk down the street, hallway, stairs, etc. Replace any word with yogsking, add yogsking to a sentence, or simple just proclaim “YOGSKING!”
1) You’re best friend walks up to you with a haircut that results in gagging. “You got your haircut…? Wow, it looks……damn yogsking!”

2) You’re at work. You’re boss tell you that you need to make the sandwiches neater. “Go to yogsking, you yogsking yogsking”

3) A woman with small child with red hair (whom looks nothing lik her) and a large dog with flies circling its buttocks. “Yogsking Lady, seriously. YOGSKING!!!”