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A new type of selfie that is taken during a yoga session using one’s feet.It was started as an online

challenge ” #yogafie_challenge: Taking a #selfie with your feet! ” by Sari Hamoud in August 2017. He gives the following description:”I am a Syrian linguist; I study language comprehension mainly, but I also like taking photos and doing #yoga. Today, I combined the two.The #yogafie is the ultimate next thing in the #selfie world, a new challenge for selfie takers & yoga lovers. Unlike the #footfie or #feetfie, a selfie for your feet, the #yogafie, is a selfie of YOU while doing #yoga.To achieve a #yogafie, at the #Sarvangasana or #shoulderstand #āsana ,the person uses their flexibility to hold their phone using one of their feet and then presses the screen with the other foot (preferably the dominant one). Alternatively, if your phone camera does not support touch screen capture, you could use the timer to start the yogafie, but your phone has to be between your feet at the Sarvangasana peak when you take the picture. That’s the challenge!Try practicing the pose first, and only attempt this after stretching. The aim is to combine yoga with selfie taking in an enjoyable challenge and not to get anyone injured ;). Moreover, your phone might slip and fall, so you better have good reflexes! “

I challenge you to take a yogafie!