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The act of being a compulsive yodeller, yodelguires do not simply yodel for enjoyment, they are driven from deep within to yodel, and when the desire arrives the yodelguire will sometimes continuously yodel for hours on end stopping at nothing until completion and satisfaction is fulfilled. yodelguirisim is a disease and is in no way a joking matter.
Sleep deprived man 1: “yo man this mutha fuckin yodel guire is getting on my last nerve”

Sleep deprived man 2: “Dude i knew that yodelguire would be trouble the day he moved in upstairs”

Sleep deprived man 1: ” I havent had a good nights sleep in weeks man. Im about to bust into that yodelguires room and whoop the fuck out of him”

Sleep deprived man 2: “Les do this”