Best definition
abbreviation for “you know”
“I just got so tired of school I had to leave, yk?”

“yk how I feel about that.”
yk: define #2
To commit an unusually large, noxious, and possibly toilet-breaking bowel movement, usually in a public restroom or someone else’s home.

Source: Internet fora.

“Man, don’t go in there … somone laid a YK!”

“Dude, I was on a date and I totally YK’d the chick’s house.”

yk: define #3
The motherfucking boss.
Yo did you see YK?

How could I not? The aroma of him left me panty-less.

yk: define #4
Used in the Bust Cap linguistic system, to fuck
“Bust this shit”


“YK thrice, DT all day long”

yk: define #5
Hip Hop Recording Artist, also the owner of Dream City Records .
YK Just dropped a new song !