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Often found dancing down the streets of Dover Heights around midnight, Yitzis are passionate, unafraid, joyous and up for adventure.

They are possessed of a sense of wonder and a kind of magic, which makes everyday moments suddenly beautiful, and beautiful moments positively transcendent.Yitzis are better than other people, as they are often fond of telling you. Irritatingly, they tend to be right. They have many natural talents, but perhaps most admirably, they work extremely hard to transcend the foibles and limitations others are crippled by. They are astonishingly successful in this, but alas, remain mortal.As anyone who knows a Yitzi will tell you, Yitzis can be infuriating. Extremely infuriating. Happily, in what may well be definitive proof of the existence of a benevolent creator, Yitzis have so many good qualities that when they’re dazzling you wtih their delightfulness, which is most of the time, it’s almost impossible to remember how infuriating they can be.Hard-core explorers and dedicated observers might get a chance to see the disarming softness and vulnerability that pops up in Yitzis in unexpected moments, while the casual field spotter should look out for Yitzis in the wild loitering around cathedrals, stripping on buses, or performing peanut or pencil giving displays.

Did you see that guy walking out of the pie shop? What a Yitzi!