Best definition
Meaningless chattering conversation; often completely off topic. Most often talked about on forum websites and role-play games.

If talking about something serious, and someone intercuts with a random note: “I don’t like the taste of toothpaste.”
yibble: define #2
The spit that gathers at the sides of your mouth when you talk to much.

Said spit can change colour depending on any colored liquids or foods you have ate or drank recently.

“Did you see her, she had some mad blue yibble”

“I’m sorry i couldn’t concentrate on what you were saying because i was staring at your dirty yibble.”

“I can’t take him seriously when he has yibble, which is always.”

“When you drink Gatorade your yibble turns blue.”

yibble: define #3
just a little bit, a small portion, a short amount of time.
1. Man 1 – Can I have a piece of that?

Man 2 – Sure, how much?

Man 1 – Just a YIBBLE
yibble: define #4
a word said when you have nothing better to say. For insane people.