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YFLO and alternatively, Y.F.L.O., though both acronyms for The Youth Foreign Languages Organization., are sometimes thought of as a single

question, rather than an acronym. For example, ‘YFLO’ has come to be compared to something like, “Why flow?” The word ‘flow,’ denotes essentially the expression that someone who critiques hip hop, rap and urban music often uses when conveying the notion that a vocal artist, e.g., rapper, lyricist, etc., has verbally flowed smoothly during the vocal artist’s said performance. Lyricists also critique other lyricists’ rhymes to determine if the latter’s lyrics flow. Given that a student’s practice of correctly speaking a foreign language is quite similar to and in many ways comparable to that of ‘bustin’ a freestyle’ or ‘spittin’ dope rap,’ one might be compelled to ask not just a lyricist, but also a linguist-in-training or a foreign language student if he/she can flow or is ‘YFLOin.’ Evidently, this expression was first coined such by Y.F.L.O. student-researchers familiar with urban lingua franca.




“You YFLOin’? I’m YFLOin’ … He’s YFLOin’… She’s YFLOin’… We’re all Y – flowin’ like flow motion… Everybody wants to know where we as a society are going … like the ocean… ”