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Also known as the Abominable Snowman or Bigfoot. Next to impossible to find because it is smart enough to

hide from poachers and mad expeditioners who just want fame and fortune.

For centuries, scientists and explorers have been frustrated by their failed attempts to capture the Yeti.
yeti: define #2
1) A mountain bike company started in 1985 and based out of Colorado. Known for their world class Downhill Racing bikes and the Teal and White team colors. Factory riders include Jared Graves, Damion Smith, and Chris Boice.

2) The Himalayan version of big foot

3) A tall, big and hairy human (applies to both male and female)

1) Holy F**K!!!! Did you see that Yeti 303 just kill that downhill run?

2) A footprint from a Yeti was believed to have been found

3) “Was the yeti that walked in behind us a guy or a girl?”

“I couldn’t tell, man”

yeti: define #3
A fat and ugly female, often accompanied by facial hair including side burns. In even more extreme cases the yeti carrys along a “package”, or even the full package including chest hair. When viewed often the viewer feels slightly nauseas and dizzy. Try no to stare at yetis too long, because if they catch you looking at them they will feel threatened and start throwing dangle berries or shit nuggets.
Roy: uhg.. that nicole is such a yeti

Jim: i know man i’m gunna throw up

Roy: o shit shes coming over here

Jim: ah! fuck, i just got hit with a shit nugget

Roy: OMG!! run for your life
yeti: define #4
(adj/adv) awesome, or lit, like Yeti coolers. It describes the burp after chugging a cold brew.
Person 1: Dude did you see Lebron’s dunk last night?

Person 2: Yeah, man. That dunk was yeti.
yeti: define #5
A skier who clearly has no idea what they are doing. Usually seen flying down a hill with their jacket wide open and flapping in the wind, hair down and flowing, goggles askew, pizza square stance, and arms wide open with poles anywhere but where they are supposed to be.
“That yeti is gonna crash into a deer or tree if he doesn’t stop soon”
yeti: define #6
Marijuana buds that have many trichomes, giving the appearance of white hair.

Often considered to be of high quality.

Yo I just got a pickup of some crazy yeti!

We are gonna smoke all of this yeti tonight!

yeti: define #7
The Yeti is a foul monster; that is much like a giant monkey like human, that goes to my school. The one that is seen at my school I belive is female(not sure). How you can call or communicate it is by making a sound much like the sound of what is called a Wookie; from Star Wars. Most Yeti’s; at least the one that goes to my school, is excessivly hairy(thats why they invented nair). I would best adivse to stay away from this fugly beast. BEWARE THE YETI!
“Dont, go by that Yeti it might bite and give you AIDS”