Best definition
Something girls never say to me.

Me: Hey, you want to go out for some coffee? (Please say yes, please say yes!)

Girl: Umm…No

Me: (I hate my life…)

Yes: define #2
A word said after every sentence for no apparent reason.
I like chocolate. Yes.
Yes: define #3
1) An affirmative answer to a question, the opposite of no.

2) An expletive shouted out during an orgasm.

3) A British progressive rock (or art rock) group known for their hits “Roundabout” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart”.

4) A brand of laundry detergent in the US.
1) Yes, I’m horny.


3) Let’s listen to Yes.

4) I need to wash clothese, where’s the Yes?
Yes: define #4
An answer or reply to a statement or question you don’t understand, that annoys you, or that you don’t care about.
“And then I was like, omg, no way, and she was like, talking about crap and I was like, omg and she was like, yeah and we were like, no way and like, yeah. And then she was like, what and I was like, omg.”


“I got the math test bonus question, I think. I divided x by pi and squared the root of 6 and canceled out all those sines over the cosines of 74 and 76, and I got 457 over the hkdslf of ffuuuu. What did you get?”


Yes: define #5
YES (E-Yes)

1- Used as a way to annoy someone and or be smart with them when replying to a yes or no question ultimately leading to other yes or no questions in which the other person would inevitably give up and lose all hope.

(Must be said in a high pitched voice emphasizing the E before the Y)

guy1: “Dude did you see the super bowl?”

guy2: “YES”

guy1: “It was a good game right?”

guy2: “YES”

guy1:”You seen that interception I aint see it coming.”

guy2: “YES”

guy1: “Who were you going for?”

guy2: “YES”

guy1: “That’s not answering, who did u want to win?”

guy2: “YES”

guy1: “Stop messing around”

guy2: “YES”

guy1: “Asshole.”

Yes: define #6
whispered, or screamed. its a moaning sound that lets your partner they’ve hit the right spot to make you climax. used in sexual intercourse.
him: *thud thud thud*

her: ooooh that feels goooooodd

him: *harder harder*

her: oooh god, yes! yes!!!! yes baby YES!!!!

Yes: define #7
Besides its obvious literal meaning, Yes was a very very popular British progressive rock band, born in 1969 with the release of their first album, Yes. Famous members include Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Bill Bruford and Rick Wakeman. Hit albums include Fragile, Relayer, Tales From Topographic Oceans, Going For the One, Time and a Word, and the disgustingly pop-themed (and hated by many Yes fans) 90125.
Here is some lyrics from a hit song, South Side of the Sky (Fragile):

Around the South Side,

So cold that we cried

Were we ever colder on that day!

A million miles away

It seemed from all of eternity!