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Displaying the characteristics of the famous professional gambler from Alwoodley, who goes by the name of “Yeppell”.

Examples of Yeppellish behaviour includes:

– Using any special occasion as an excuse to wear a suit (preferably white) and hire out a limo

– Drinking champagne

– Driving a silver 206

– Wearing shades

– Clubbing attire consisting of white loafers and a shirt with only 2 buttons done up

– Being obsessed with “birds and stuff”

– Listening to cheesy dance tunes e.g. bodyrockers

– Owning fcuk garments

– Having one pint then going onto the smirnoff ices

– Regularly perusing markets

– Getting into debt

– Refusing to get a job other than for YTV/Steve

– Purchasing stuff thats sold out in leeds and can only be obtained in catalogues e.g. Timberland boots, Klaus Kobec watch (rrp £900)

– Haggling down the price of a taxi home from £12 to £10 – “we can get it cheaper”