Best definition
The greatest guy you will ever meet. Has an annoying classmate sometimes named “Kevin” or “Ray”, and is very talented.
D’ya know Yelslek?

Yes, the best person ever.

Ugh, I dislike his annoying classmates, Kevin and Ray.

True, True
Yelslek: define #2
Typically a scary cat or a chicken. can be annoying at times.
Yeslek the scary cat. Yelslek chicken!
Yelslek: define #3
1. A short-hand for a person of extraordinary talent, giftedness, or other important qualities, used in both casual and/or professional environments to easily convey the fact that the person in question has exceeded the standards and/or requirements put in place in their particular field, (eg, musical abilities, mathematical abilities, general academics, etc.)

Origin: Latin, from yelslekium grandiosium, a flower that boasts an extraordinary aromatically complex smell

Albert Einstein was a true yelslek in his field of physics, pushing the limits of humanity.