yellow light

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yellow light
a traffic light that stands for “FLOOR IT”
the light turned yellow, so i floored that bitch and sped through the intersection
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yellow light
a traffic light that indicates you should speed through the intersection and tag the roof of your car. This earns you five minutes of free sex with the person of your choice that night. Multiple tags earn cumulative minutes, but the minutes expire before the next morning.
variation: kissing the fingertips of the hand before tagging the ceiling with it.
yellow light: define #3
Yellow Light
The middle light on a streetlight that signals drivers to speed up because a red light is coming.
a hard working american driving to work aproaches an intersection with a green light, then suddenly it becomes a Yellow Light, he then accelerates to 65 miles an hour to reach it before it becomes red.
yellow light: define #4
Yellow light
Fucking slow. Red, too slow. Green too fast. (Twista & R. Kelly – Yellow Light)
Yellow light it.
yellow light: define #5
Yellow Light
Definition: Some one who you have zero respect for , just like no one ever truly slows down for a yellow light they are constantly disrespected and bypassed, a person who is a yellow light is always disrespect mistreated or bypassed, you stop for red lights and drive at green lights and tend to speed up for yellow lights they are often not respected IE treating some one like a yellow light
MIKE:”I’m gonna take that fine girl home tonight and treat her like a yellow light”

STEVE: ” so your pretty much going to have your way with her?”

MIKE: ” You know it”
yellow light: define #6
Yellow Light
Stop or go? Who the fuq knows. ITS THE DUMBEST SIGNAL THAT EXISTS. also worse than ghosting.
She kept giving me a yellow light