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Yellow Dragon
When an individual is urinating into another individuals mouth and while doing so the individual urinating hits the individual swallowing

in the back of the head causing them to cough the urine out of their nose, thus a yellow dragon.

I use to dislike swallowing that Gelmini’s urine though he loved it when I did, but once he gave me a yellow dragon I refused to ever let him pee on or near me again.
Yellow Dragon: define #2
Yellow Dragondrugs
The product produced from extracting THC from already vaporized cannabis remains with the use of alcohol. Sort of like Green dragon only it does not need to be heated up and leaves a yellow liquid.
“Dude, do you have a jar of pee in your fridge?”

“No man, thats some yellow dragon”

Yellow Dragon: define #3
yellow dragon
You take a mixture of urine, snot, and enamel fluid from tubgirl’s asshole and you use it as lubricant for fucking pleasures. The yellow dragon is not as dangerous at the others, but goddamn does it smell.
As I inserted my yellow dragonified penis into her anus, chunks of who knows what flew everywhere, bathing us both in a brown and yellow shower of glory.