Yellow Crew

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Yellow Crew
A loose group of vagabond-drug addict-types with little to no prospects who wouldn’t recognize a life goal if they snorted it. Usually (but not always) dirty, unless the water truck goes by. Yellows are a sad breed constantly attempting to enlarge their “family” by reeling in other minors and adults with the enticement of ecstasy/MDMA, cocaine, mushrooms, alcohol, LSD, poppers, methamphetamines, and anything else they can obliterate grey matter with. Almost always insensible and/or unintelligible, due to severe substance abuse combined with a disregard for others and, of course, a healthy measure of intrinsic, almost natural stupidity. Highly undesirable–to be avoided at all costs.
Person One: Hey, did you notice how that whole section of grassy field is being taken up by a hobo camp?

Person Two: Oh, that’s just the Yellow Crew, squatting for the festival and hitting people up for spare change.

Person One: My lack of god, they just gave those thirteen-year-olds a bunch of pills and mushrooms! Isn’t that illegal, irresponsible, unethical, senseless, and a dumbfuck asshole thing to do?

Person Two: Nah, they do that all the time. That’s their thing.