Best definition
Yeimy is a very lovable person once you see her you cant get your eyes off of her! She’s very unique and she’s very beautiful. She will smile no matter what she goes through. she’s very smart and a lot of people might hate her because of her personality. Any guy that’s dating her is very lucky to have her because once you have her she’ll be loyal to you and keep you !
Him- Who is that?

Her- that’s yeimy she’s very pretty!
Yeimy: define #2
A nice girl with a nice smile every boy likes her she Is the best friend u can ever have u should wish u are yeimy
yeimy is the realist bitch
Yeimy: define #3
Yeimy is a fake friend. She will lie to you and talk about you. She loves showing skin, and covering up her “beauty” with makeup. She might become a porn star or a stripper when she gets older.
Dont ever trust a Yeimy with your secrets