Best definition
When shit starts expanding in your intestines before it is ready to come out. The step right before prairie-dogging

and two steps before the loaf is ready to be taken out of the oven.

Oh shit I’m yeasting! I need to find a bathroom pretty soon.
Yeasting: define #2
Money rising / Swollen cash / getting your money game up: Comes from the word yeast; a substance used in raising dough

“Yo this guy is YEASTING!”

“2011 is gona be my year fam, straight up YEASTING”

“Man’s YEEEASTING fam”

Slang originated by Phillyatchi.

Yeasting money cash dough cheddar ballin flossin paper loot
Yeasting: define #3
When a woman makes a man eat her pussy while shes got a yeast infection without telling him,and he doesn;t realize it till hes done.
“He pulled his head out of her pussy and was ready to make dough”
Yeasting: define #4
to insult someone, and/or act as if you are better than them. you have to be pretty “urban” to know this word. originated in the dirty south.
Man! Dat mudafucka been yeastin’ me dawg! I’m gonna have to go splack dat man’s car and run him over cuhz.

Pronounciation Help: Just add a ‘ing’ after yeast, and if you’re pretty ghetto you’ll forget all about that non-formal ‘g’ and say yeastin’!