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Year 10college
14-15 year old chavs who think they’re cool just cus they’re not lower school anymore
Year 10’s usually pick on the

younger year 7 and 8s
They have to work their asses off for gcses to prepare for Year 11

Year 10: dude year 11’s gunna be so fucken ‘ard

Year 10.2:’I know man Year 10 is shit already
Year 10: define #2
Year 10college
14 – 15 year old secondary schooler in England

becomeing top of the school next to the Year 11’s

normally the school uniform changes

These people can ussally make Year 7, years 8 and year 9’s to do stuff for them =

starting the mock exam for GCSE’s

the school uniform has changed fromn red to blue now were in year 10

year 10 : OI YOU

year 7/8/9 : yes ?

year 10 : get me a busicuit

year 7/8/9 : ok what type ?

in may the GCSE and GCSE mocks start 🙁