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A classic law school student -ism. Usually employed right before the speaker dives into an argument that has no sound

basis in logic, reason, or this universe.

Le Frankliham – “Yeahbut, all I’m saying is we should ban all the gunz.”

Reasoned opponent – “How did you get in here?”

Yeahbut: define #2
yeah but
1. a phrase used to agree with an opponent in an argument, yet to continue your contempt, disdain, and disagreement with the conclusion

1a. the way to win ANY argument, ever.

Joe: Women should be bound to the kitchen, ironing my clothes, and cooking my dinner!

Mary: Women have equal rights, and can’t be put down and kept in the kitchen where we have been basically used as slaves.

Joe: Yeah but..

Yeahbut: define #3
Yeah but
An ignorant person will use this phrase in a debate that they have already lost.
#1: “The earth is flat.”

#2: “No, the earth is round.”

#1: “Yeah, but…”

#2: “Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but but but. You sound like a fucking motor boat. Shut up.”
Yeahbut: define #4
A phrase used when satirizing a common kneejerk response.
Any time you criticize Islam the response is “Yeahbut what about Christians”, as if people don’t criticize Christianity all the time.
Yeahbut: define #5
When someone attempts to say, “Yeah, but (…)” etc, it will sound as though the two words are often combined into one, as if it were a small woodland animal. Hence, you obtain “Yeahbut”. It is even more so funny when they say “fucking” afterwards, making it sound as though they plan on having intercourse with a small woodland animal.
“Yeah, but I disagree.”


“Yeah, but fucking, I was totally not going to go.”


“Yeah, but you forgot to include me.”


“Yeahbut fucking is strictly NOT allowed in most states.”
Yeahbut: define #6
yeah but
a common phrase used by many the townie, rarfie and charv/a alike, is totally stupid, gay and retarded You cannot walk anywere in the north east of england (europe) without hearing this phrase.

usually used as ‘yeah but no’

you have a good night?

‘yeah but no’

i had sexual intercourse with my girlfriend last?

‘yeah but i had ya mam’

Yeahbut: define #7
Yeahbut is the combination of yeah and but usually use in argumentative conversation.
#1) Parental: hey get in the shower.

#2) Child: (Yeahbut) i got in the shower first yesterday.