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Yeah that’s cute
A video that went viral . Everyone uses it on instagram now, under a video or a picture the caption

says “yeah that’s cute” it’s also been made into a sound on Dubsmash {beat: “Yeah that’s cute, can you turn around for me ?: Beat drop} it became popular when Instagram star bracefacelaii remade the video with her best friend essence. (Essence was wearing laii’s shirt and it didn’t look good on her and Laii said “yeah that’s cute, can you turn around for me” and they bothe started to laugh) in the original video it shows a girl who hair looks a little worn out and a woman asking her “how long have you been doing hair” and the girl responds “um, for like two years” the woman then says “yeah that’s cute, can you turn around for me?” She said that to be sarcastic and to make fun of her.

Girl: I just got my hair done !

Girl 2: who did it ?

Girl: my mom.

Girl 2: yeah that’s cute.