Yavneh Academy

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Yavneh Academycollege
A “amazing” school where everyone get stressed and from stress you get heart attacksIn conclusion, Yavneh Academy = heart attacks
“If you want to be stressed, got to Yavneh Academy.”
Yavneh Academy: define #2
Yavneh Academy
A pointless school that teaches you pointless stuff. Half the things you learn here aren’t needed in real life. I mean, who ACTUALLY wants to be a biologist when they grow up!? The classes are stupid. The teachers are stupid. The lessons are stupid. Some of the kids are even stupid! If you are looking for a crappy, co-ed school that will not teach you any valuable lessons, this is the school for you! If not, you’re better off going to BPY.
Yoni: Yavneh Academy is the worst school ever!

Jake: Haha, BPY is soooo much better.

Yoni: BPY kids are cheaters!

Sam: Yeah, that’s why I switched to Noam

Jake: Noam!? I rather get run over by a tractor!

Hannah: let’s go Yavneh RedHawks!

Yoni: you are dead to us.