Best definition
Yasemin is a girl who will always be there for you unless you do something to hurt her, she will

give you many chances to make things right. She is very beautiful but doesn’t see it in herself. Yasemin falls in love very fast she usually will call for the guys that show no interest in her. Yasemin acts tough but on the inside she is soft. Yasemin is one of the best people you will ever meet, as long as you don’t get in her bad side.

That girl is a real Yasemin
Yasemin: define #2
Yasemin is the kindest , sweetest , most amazing girl , sweet and great to have a laugh .yasemin is such a girly girl and loves shopping . U can always love yasemin she is the best u got a yasemin near u you are lucky
I am hanging out with yasemin , who is the best
Yasemin: define #3
the upper right, 7 degrees left, inch near to the interior sphincter, which occasionally causes leakage to the superior rectal artery when bitten.
oh that girl gave me a real yasemin last night!!!!

omg! you need to go to hospital shes given you a yasemin!!! your leaking!