Best definition
Yarah is a sweet little princess.
She shares food with everyone and one of the kindest person ever,
Just beware she jokes around a lot! You can be so comfortable around her, but she’s one of the craziest and weirdest girl you EVER met. But u should be grateful she’s in ur life!
“Oh my gosh! Anna’s so lucky Yarah’s her best friend”

“Look at Yarah! She’s so pretty”

” I wish I was Yarah! She’s so smart!!”

“Yarah is the best fiend evvverrr!”
yarah: define #2
A curly-headed cutie with lots of friends. She tends to say cool dude, becz why not? everyone copies her because they want to be her. She has big brown eyes and has a bad history of awful relationships. Lots of people love her without her knowing it and tends to be very sexy and beautiful also tends to have loads of weird fears and phobias.
“oh, is that Yarah, shes so pretty oh my god !”