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yank out
like pull out but faster

To yank out means giving her no time to react until jizzing on her face
yank out: define #2
(verb), to yank-out; (noun), a yank-out; or to pull out all the stops or any reservations; to not hold back.

– usually associated with Americans internationally, and can be used affectionately when a person stands out of crowd for having attempted something outstanding without reservation; but can be used to describe anyone who behaves badly in public, especially internationally. When a person freaks out or gets real stroppy to make or win a point in an over zealous manner or in an in-your-face aggressive way.

“That kid and his sister went all out in that three-legged race! They pulled out all the stoppers!”

“Yeah, they yanked out.!”

“Did you serve that fellow?”

“Yeah, I did because he yanked-out over the bad service.”

“That woman argued the point to death.” I know, everyone was watching. It was a real shameful yank-out!”

yank out: define #3
Yank Out
Verb –

1. To hang out and have sex.

2. The act of having sex.
1. “Hey girl, you want to yank out this weekend.”

2. “I can’t come to the phone right now, this girl and I are yanking out.”