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Very commonly used by Miami-area teens, and even some adults. Yanden can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective. Think of a word. Now replace it with the word “yanden”. That is the proper usage of the word yanden. Typically used by preps, Members of the Jew crew, some Hispanics, or African American teens in the Greater Miami area. Use of the word is frowned upon by many. The origin is greatly debated. Some say it came from lack of speaking the English language, others from the lack of proper pronunciation of the English language, and others simply say it came from a typical Miami rapper, you know, the kind that has tons of lamborghinis, raps about Versace, Gucci, and Tom Ford, has several Rolex’s, and many gold chains. (Typically give their accountants heart attacks)
“That party was yanden!”

“Let’s go over to yanden.”

“Let’s yanden over to the beach.”

“Miami is so much more yanden than anywhere else.”