Best definition
a phrase used to insult ones mother often used as a retort when a whitty come back is not available. often used between chavs.(note: dose not work on siblings)
“hey dude wat were u dooing last night u missed a slammin rave u retard”

“i was doin yamom, fuk for brains”
yamom: define #2
ya mom
An insult used at the end of a statement to discourage your opponent
BILL – “Peggy, Gretchen, and I had a wonderful time last night.”

SOME NIGGA – “Me and “ya mom” had a wonderful time last night”

yamom: define #3
ya mom
Usually used by townies, and common tramps called ‘chantel’ or ‘kev’ when they cant think of anything else to say!
Chantel:shurrup you

Kev:yea and ya mom!