Best definition
Yalocalmemeplug is the best guy on ig and he gets that hella roblox puss my guy and his clou level

is beyond your imagination nibba

Yo jake your yalocalmemeplug “thanks man” no problem
yalocalmemeplug: define #2
the top memesupplier in your country,he stays plugwith the memes on the daily.
me:yo I just followed yalocalmemeplug on Instagram

person: wtf dude that’s soooo dank

yalocalmemeplug: define #3
yalocalmemeplug is a highly popular meme page found to be mostly followed be depressed teenagers. It has found its way around many people and is known not yet to be hammered down by the fat thundering dicks of the instagram Gods above. Surpassing many other meme pages with its high amount of post reaching just above 17000. If you ever need your quick fix for memes surely follow yalocalmemeplug.
‘Have you noticed Jonny’s acting a little strange ?’

‘He surely had to follow yalocalmemeplug’

‘What an idiot’
yalocalmemeplug: define #4
The greatest meme page on instagram.
Yo have you peeped yalocalmemeplugs new post, that shit fire.
yalocalmemeplug: define #5
A high quality social media page providing memes on the application Instagram provides only funny shit because a lot of insta meme pages actually lack that nowadays
Guy: *sends meme*

Girl: that’s so funny where’d you get that

Guy: I got it from the meme page yalocalmemeplug

Girl: cool! I’ll be sure to follow him!

yalocalmemeplug: define #6
Ya local meme plug
A civil servant, who kindly provides underprivileged men, women, and children alike with memes of the highest quality absolutely free of charge. Truly a modern day saint.
Person 1: Hey do you have any memes?

Person 2: Why yes, I just got some fresh memes from ya local meme plug.

Person 1: Nice let’s go have gay anal sex together!