Best definition
Referring to more than one person having something. Southern drawl – slang. Coming from yall and have.
I’ll be at the party later to see what yall’ve got on hand.
yall’ve: define #2
The punctually correct way to spell “you all have”
Dang don’t tell me ya’ll’ve been discin’ without me..
yall’ve: define #3
what southern people say when they get lazy and want to say “yall have”
so, yallve never been rabbit huntin?
yall’ve: define #4
A North Augusta slang term for “You all have”
Yall’ve done gone and drove me crazy.
yall’ve: define #5
A combination of the words ya”ll (a hillbilly way of saying you all) and have that only ignorant rednecks use.
Hey bubba ya’llve been hogging the meth pass it along.