Best definition
1) an amazing, beautiful girl.
2) a sexy, gorgeous, smart girl.
3) a girl everybody loves, and if they don’t they obviously, deserve to die!
4) a girl that NO ONE else can be like because she is a one in 7 billion.
“I love yalitza, because well who doesnt?”

“Yalitza is such an amazing girl.”

“I wish I could be friends with Yalitza.”

yalitza: define #2
The most lit person you will ever meet. She’s very nice and beautiful. She’s very thoughtful and caring too. She goes with many nicknames like Pizza, Mushroom, Sheep, Seal, Snail, Alpaca, etc. She’s a walking meme and a meme stealer (your memes are not safe). She’s ageless yehetttt. She works at the meme store. She loves the moon emojis. She’s married with Karol for the 3rd time and has many children.
Don’t Yali-ve me cause I love youuuu.

Pizza Lit

Yalitza you’re awesomeee