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A mostly Latino and Hispanic insulting slang term that means but is not limited to: whore; bitch; a low class,

uneducated woman that cusses too much and fucks anything that moves; a woman who uses public housing, uses britto handbags, drives a Toyota Yaris and has music loud enough to be heard by anything with ears within a 10 mile radius of her car; a fat, uneducated poor female gold-digger; a 19 year old low class uneducated whore who has 4 kids, who are all from different baby-daddies that are nowhere to be seen.Note: it is a misconception that “yal” means “girl” or baby”The slang term for girl or baby is “jeva” in some south-american countries, because in some Caribbean islands “jeva” means friends with benefits or girlfriend

Man, just look at that yal, she can barely bit her fat-ass in her Yaris.
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“yal” is another hispanic slang word mostly used in South America. It is used in spanish song lyrics like reggaetons and means “girl” or “baby”.
Esa es mi yal. That’s my girl(friend).