Best definition
A person (or persons) who likes to fantasize about grammer whilst masturbating. Also known as yakking.
Yakking example: Oh my god yes, yes yes.. full stop full stop… comma yes…..oh – apostrophe…

“See that guy over there – he really dig’s his comma’s- a real yakker – he’s the biggest yaksha you will ever meet.”

yaksha: define #2
A hot, gamer boy who has committed with more than 5 girls. He is the health and money to everyone in this world. He can live more than a hundred years. His nature is very serious, romantic and serene with all these qualities he can rule the world. He is also multi-talented and an absolute genius who can handle more than one profession at the same time.
Man, Yaksha beats everyone in chess, he also plays a lot of football and handles his studies extremely well.