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yakking off
Refers to the use of the app Yik Yak, which is basically anonymous twitter confined to a certain area; used

mainly by students. Also a pun on jacking off.

People in this school are just constantly yakking off.

I yakked off yesterday in the library for an hour.

yakking off: define #2
Yakking Off
1) – Talking on and on and on without saying much of anything of substance.

2) – Spending way too much time telling people how wonderful you are

Other versions: “Yak Off” and/or “Yakked Off”
I tried to watch the GOP debate last night, but all I saw was Donald Trump yakking off again!!

Also: Wow! Donald Trump sure yaks off a lot!! And: Donald Trump yakked off again last night!!

yakking off: define #3
Yakking Off
Spending countless hours on the social media app “Yik Yak”. Much like jacking off, it can be an extremely pleasurable activity.
I really wanted to go to class today, but I was too busy Yakking Off.