Best definition
“yais” can’t be defined conventionally. one would be less successful at defining “yais” than he/she would be at defining the contemporary english language’s utility infielder, “like”. “yais” is a state of mind. “yais” is understanding and misunderstanding, as well as all points described on the subsequent continuum.
you are lovely, yais; gay, yais; yais? yais; is two plus two, four? yais; (if i had the character spaces to continue, i probably wouldn’t. yais.)
yais: define #2
Your an idiot.

Posted on the internet to when someone acts foolishly or says something completely dumb.

Pronounced ‘Yay’ and said with enthusiasm.

Person 1: Do you know the capital of Luxembourg, in Europe?

Person 2: Wait, I thought Europe was a country…

Person 1: YAI!

Person 2: Is that like Chinese or something?

Person 1: *Facepalm*

yais: define #3
“yais” is a different way of saying “yes.” From what I can tell, it’s origins are from the West Virginian area. All you’ll ever need to know is that it means “yes” or “yeah.”
“That’s coo’!”

“Yais… It sure is.”
yais: define #4
how an immigrant would say “yes” , presumably while applying for a job.

made popular by the chinese guy on “mad TV”

do you even speak english?

yais: define #5
Used in the place of “yes” yay-eee-s

Expression used to acknowledge a comment that is exceedingly odd or beyond the listeners level of understanding. Also used as a way of providing an answer without actually answering anything. Often one may incorporate a pause as to create the illusion that they are actually thinking of a valid answer or comment. One may also use “yais” as a way of covering up his/her daydreaming while in a conversation. For an example of how to say “yais” properly listen to tom hanks in the movie “The Terminal”.
ex. person 1(“So do you think it will work?)

person 2(*clueless* “ye…..yais”)

ex. person 1(“Lets the bed of your truck up with jello to

attract aliens!! It would be sweet!”

person 2(*too tired to call person 1 an idiot* “Yais”)

ex. person 1(“We are meeting at seven oclock right?”)

person 2 (*not willing to answer yes or no* “ye…yais”)

yais: define #6
Comical pronunciation of “yes,” meant to immitate eastern Europe and Middle-Eastern accents. Used by Group X in prank calls and songs.
Good girl: Yais! Bad girl: No! I don’t want her to schbraik my ween-dow.