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Yes. The opposite of Nah-huh/nahuh.
Person A- Nahuh, you did not do that.

Person B- Yahuh, I so did!
yahuh: define #2
1. Affirmative response

2. Slang for ‘yes it is’ or ‘Yes I did’, ‘yes you are’ etc.

Opposite of nuh-uh

1. ‘You didn’t do your homework, did you?’ “Ya-huh!”

2. guy: “You are so cute!”

girl: ‘Am not!’

“Are too!”






“YA-HUH!!” (ad infinitum)

yahuh: define #3
A “ya-huh” is a slang term for an ice cold Bud Lite. It is derived from most chineese food restaurants in Massachusetts.
For example, while ordering a Bud Lite, the chineese waiter/waitress will typically respond with a ” ice cold bud lite?ya-huh”. Hence the term ” ya-huh”