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One of those people you alway see in the yahoo chats or game rooms. Constantly chatting and profiles that are nearly a whole website.
Dern Yahooligians always pissing on my lawn!
yahooligan: define #2
The pseudo-elite group of right-wingers who operate and moderate Yahoo Answers and comments sections.

Known for their propagandizing, censorship, partisan politics, homophobia and love of George W. Bush.
I would email you my RSVP for your Gay Wedding, but the Yahooligans shut down my Email.

I would explain the stimulus plan to you on Yahoo Answers, but the Yahooligans will delete my account for that.

Are you an open-minded, educated, non-christian? Or are you one of the Yahooligans trying to sabotage my expression of Free Speech?

yahooligan: define #3
Stupid kids born in the yahoo generation. The ones that think they’re all that and that the world owes them. Roudy, misbehaved kids of today. Play on the word hooligan.
Mom: John, your stupid behaviour is so typical of your yahooligan friends.
yahooligan: define #4
A young first timer for internet porn, who mistakenly uses the image search on yahoo to find good porn…
Johnny (11 years old): dood fred i totally found these great

almost naked pictures on yahoo!!

Fred (17 years old): Johnny you stoopid Yahooligan…
yahooligan: define #5
People who find dumb questions on yahoo or and come up with the most ridiculous answers
This dude answered my questions with ” Only black babies can fly while wearing white, i’ve seen it”. He is a total Yahooligan.