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Originates from the great russian siberian tiger. The fiercest animal on the asian and europian continent. The name is given to the ones that are destined for greatness. Yahn totally destroys the name of Micheal.
That Yahn kid is so much beastlier than that michael kid.
yahn: define #2
A Mexican pronounciation of the name “John”. It can possibly refer to a homosexual, someone with a soft voice or simply a means of harassment to people named John.
“Wow, Yahn, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“I like men.”



yahn: define #3
A nigerian-pidgin slang for “Talk” or “Talk to”. Mostly used in combination with the Nigerian pidgin dialect.

The slang is used mostly in the deep southern parts of Nigeria, particularly in Warri aka Wafi.
Jovi loves to yahn.

I saw Donatus yahning your girl earlier.

pidginGuy you too dey yahn any how! => englishGuy, you talk too much and without thinking!

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