yahhh bitch

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yahhh bitch
Soulja Boy —

“(Hey, Soulja Boy, can I get your autograph?) yahhh bitch, yahhh!

(Yo, Arab, I really like you, man) yahhh Bitch, yahhh!

(Are there any 30 boyz that—) Yah, Yah, Bitch, yahhh yahhh!

(Yeah, I was wonderin, can I be on your next—) yahhh, yahhh bitch!”
yahhh bitch: define #2
yahhh bitch
Better way to say it is YAAH TRICK YAAH! It’s awesome for shows when mfers are all pushing into you and stuff and you turn around and scream…
YAAAH TRICK YAAAH! The fuck off me!!!1! (yahhh bitch)