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A male or female that spends the vast majority of their time in a Yahoo chat room. These dregs of

Yahoo have a constant “connection” to chat. They have neglected their real life world for a more “user friendly” atmosphere. They will lurk and chat in rooms categorized under Masturbation angled towards men getting off. Yet, they dont masturbate? Do they help the other men? Do they have a serious slant into the homosexual realm of reality or, do they creep in the boxes of willing, over weight, under sexed housewives? I have found that the latter is most likey the case. They feign uninterest in those who would punch their “cyber feelings” while frantically messaging their other yahfriends and calling in cyber support. The women that “help” are on for the most part… fat, homely, married w/ many kids, uneducated and lacking something at home. Please dont hate these people. Without them… the minority of intelligent folks wouldnt have the cheap entertainment we hold so dearly.

pulpfiction0704, don_t_soprano, yummytitsintexas, yada_01, missprincess10002002,wetbeachangel, nice_n_soft, badgrlskippnschool, dee_dee_holland, botflunky… the list goes on and on sadly.