Best definition
An easy, collective term for anyone who isnt a chav.
eg. all emo kids, scene kids, moshers, grungers, hippies, anyone who listens to rock, punk, metal etc.
anyone who wears converses and/or has long hair.
Thought to have come from the word ‘gay’ backwards
So far it’s only really used in Frome, Somerset.
‘lets beat um up, fuckin yaggos’

‘oi! cut yer ‘air you fuckin yaggo’

‘fuckin dirty yaggo’
yaggo: define #2
A person who listnens to rock or heavy metal
look at those yaggos on the kerrang channel
yaggo: define #3
A yaggo is anyone who isnt a chav that likes rock or indie. Personally i have never seen anyone use this word yaggo outside of the town i live in……Frome the chav capital of the world.
I am labeled as a yaggo by the chavs in my school.
yaggo: define #4
A generalisation of the group of people who like any form of rock music or people who are not chavs

People who wear converse
Look at them over there. Fucking Yaggos