Best definition
Ending every sentence with the word Yagga…Originated from rasta background as a term used to express joy or agreement, has

now been picked up and is overused by wanabees wanting to be something they are not. Incorrect usage of the term i.e. using it for the sake of it, is highly common and merely annoys anyone at whom it is directed, as is using it to answer your own question or statement i.e. ‘Dats a sick tune, Yagga’. In fact using it to anwer your own statement or question simply acknowledges the fact that nobody else was interested enough to answer the question anyway.

Example of good usage…

Rasta 1 : Hey man, what you think of dis tune?

Rasta 2 : Yagga man thats sick !!

Yagga: define #2
The future tense of “yeet”
Tomorrow, I yagga him.
Yagga: define #3
Same as Yagga yo

It’s a dope expression that describes yo joy and groove state, being used by Jamaicans.

When you have a hood time, you throw your hands up in the air and scream: “Yagga”.

It means that you be agree ta get tha shizznit poppin. It be like a call like sayin’: “Let’s get it started!”

In some way, it means: “

“Fuck y’all bitches want, whoa

I’ma stay poppin shit

Anybody want it? Come see me, what?

Fame.. yagga..” by Foxy Brown (Na Na be like)

Here, she be like that she be goin’ to start her shit an’ when she said: “Yagga” in tha end of her speach, she warned us she be startin’ it.

Yagga: define #4
A sound made when you pull on someone’s ear, meant in a playful and affectionate way.
*boyfriend pulls on his girl’s ear* “Yagga”.
Yagga: define #5
obviously its a secret. its something you use to your advantage, maybe its a drug maybe its a person, na its def a drug…..haha
yooo come mek go get the yagga nuh!


Where da yagga deh?