Best definition
A widely used internet acronym which stands for, “You’re a Fucking Faggot.”
Friend: It looks like a beautiful day to fly kites!

You: …YAFF
YAFF: define #2
An acronym that stands for “You’re a fucking faggot”.
“Hey, did you watch the Ice Dancing team today? I think Canada’s gonna win gold.”

“…Dude, YAFF.”
YAFF: define #3
Degenerate form of the word yiff, used to denote a form of roleplaying sexual encounters. While yiff is used to denote general cybersex, Yaff is used to denote more freakish and/or pathetic attempts at textfucking, including bizarre and horrifying fetishes, poor grammar and spelling, and a total lack of attempt to formulate a coherent scene or storyline with the other participant(s).
Oh my god, I was chatting with this guy I met last night and he just wanted to yaff.

How bad?

Total disaster, it looked like a typewriter exploded while writing a horrible fetish porn novel.

YAFF: define #4
To masturbate/wank/spanking the monkey.

Started life as as the word “Jaff” but evolved into “Yaff” after some Spanish influence.


Z: Where have the tissues gone?

J: Melvin took them into his room to yaff.


Z: What’s Melvin doing?

J: He’s yaffing.