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1. Verb. pronounced (zone) To truely pwn by all definitions and without any dispute as to wheather the object has been xwnd. Past tense: Xwnd.Always remember, when using words like this as well as any other urban words that bend the rules of grammar, that these rules are there because they make sense. It is wise to learn what rules you are breaking before breaking them.
Nub, just got xwnd!

You’re a nub, bitch. I will xwn you!

Xwnd, nub!

To put xwnage in perspective to its lesser terms, pwn and own. Ownage is like a red car driving down the highway and then an F-16 fires an air-to-ground missile at it, owning it. Pwnage is like a car driving down a highway and a nuke comes down and pwns it. Xwnage is like a car driving down the highway and the universe blows up, xwning everything.

Xwn: define #2
To extremely own somebody in a online game. Some times used as ixwn because when you own you cant just own, you have to xwn them. Like when your in WoW when you see an elf who looks really gay and you need to use your axe to split his head open. You are in the xwn.
I just xwned everybody in Unreal Tournament 3, now I am god like.